Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Love and Kindness Retreat Menu

 Love and Kindness Retreat Menu

Breakfast             7:30 – 8:30 am
Lunch                    12:00 – 1:00 pm
Dinner                  5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Friday dinner:
Spaghetti with Italian sausage
Meatballs, optional
Zucchini parmesan
Salad bar
Baked cinnamon apple

Saturday breakfast:
Scrambled eggs
Oatmeal with raisins, dried fruits
Fresh fruit
Cereal (low sugar)

Saturday lunch:
Marinated chicken
Peppers and onions
Brown rice
Roasted yellow squash
Cabbage medley
Sweet potato biscuits
Bananas and strawberries

Saturday dinner:
Choice of two: 4 oz steak, Portobello mushroom, 3 shrimp
Baked sweet potato
California blend vegetables
Apple slaw
Mini garlic cheese biscuits

Sunday breakfast:
Sliced ham
Tomato basil pan omelet
Yogurt (low sugar)
Fresh fruit
Cereal (low sugar)

Drinks available:
Unsweet tea
Coffee: regular and decaf
Flavored water: strawberry kiwi and citrus mango (artificially flavored)
Orange juice and mango citrus juice (breakfast only)
Skim milk (breakfast only)